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Spring Forward Mindfully

The new season is already here, and what better time to nourish your mindfulness practice than now? Spring makes it such an excellent time to practice mindfulness and take on new healthy habits! During this time, we're observing the beautiful changes around us. We have access to longer hours of daylight that serve us as inspiration for positive change.

Our mindfulness practice can also take on different forms because of how our surroundings are changing, so that is the reason why we believe you should take advantage of the spring season in your mindfulness practice.

Practice walking meditation

With the weather being slightly warmer and the sun being out late, we think this is the perfect time for you to dive back into your walking meditation practice. There's nothing that can truly compare then being outside in the sun and fresh air, so take advantage of that in a healthy way. Plus, it's simply a beautiful time to be outdoors.

While doing that, try to notice how you feel, what catches your eyes in your surroundings, and your breathing. Keep yourself mindful of your sensations throughout the walk and see if you notice any changes as you go.

Meditate outside

Again, you can take advantage of the nice weather and find a spot to meditate outdoors. Whether you're in your garden or in a park, take a few cleansing breaths and tune into the surroundings. Be mindful and present. Take a look around and observe the beauty of nature while appreciating everything surrounding you. Notice how your body is feeling. Notice the temperature, the sun as it warms you up, and the soft wind on your face and body. Then bring your awareness to any sounds of nature.

End the practice by bringing your focus back to your breath while sending gratitude for everything around you and the new season.

Be mindful of spring's aromas

Hit the beach or the park and let yourself relax into nature's fresh and amazing aromas. Spend some time in the garden or simply outside and be mindful of the flowers' smells near you. This is another expression of gratitude and appreciation for your surroundings. Analyze their smell and delightful scents.

Get curious with this, take your time and let yourself relax into this simple mindfulness practice. After all, it is the small and simple things that count and make our life more beautiful.

Practice mindful eating

Fresh products are now everywhere, so make sure you take advantage of that and create some amazing and super healthy recipes this spring! Hit up a farmer's market and pick out fresh fruits and vegetables. Prepare your fresh food with love, and try practicing mindfulness while having it.

You will probably be amazed at how a little presence at the moment and appreciation for what is in front of you can go such a long way. Tune into the sight, smell, taste, and texture of your food. Engage all your senses and slowly savor your delicious creation. (Research sources:,,

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