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Mindful Monday: Elevate Your Thoughts - Elevate Your Life

Have you stopped lately to evaluate your thoughts? If so, you will be able to clearly see the path of your day, life, and relationships. Take a moment to think about what you think about. Spend 30 minutes to 1-hour taking inventory of your words and thoughts; and also, of those around you. Pay attention to the messaging in music playing, the news, TV shows, social media, headlines, etc. We are bombarded with negativity, including what is in our thoughts and what comes out in our speech.

Create intention around elevating your thoughts, and you will elevate your life. The word says, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matt. 12:34). One of my virtual mentors, Joyce Meyers, even wrote a powerful book entitled The Battlefield of the Mind because of the mind’s significance.

Our mindset is the pathway to victory or defeat - whether we become an Olympic gold medalist, launch a successful business, have a loving family, become the next President of the United States, or conversely become depressed or addicted to drugs - it all starts with your thoughts. When I went through a challenging divorce, I knew it was going to take a ton of intentionality for me to get through that painful season. Not only did I pray and journal, but I also flooded my mind with nourishing thoughts through reading devotionals, watched sermons, went to counseling, and listened to many of the most respected therapists on Oprah Radio. Thank God for XM radio at that time.

Did you know: What you say to yourself matters more than what anyone else says. In fact, the Surgeon General’s Mental Health report assesses that anxiety and depression are among the most common mental health issues. In other words, what we think about - directly affects how we feel emotionally and physically.

Also, what we allow into our mind the first and last 20 minutes of the day stays in our subconscious throughout the day and into our sleep.

Utopian Lifestyle Strategies

Cultivate your self-awareness around your mental-mood boosters, and drainers.

Set yourself up for success with mindfulness practices. Intentionally bookend the first and last 20 minutes of your day with positivity; play calming music, enjoy time for devotion and gratitude. Allow this time to be news, technology, and social media free.

Explore ways to allow for more margin on Monday mornings. Start your week off intentionally? (Idea bank: keep Monday mornings open and unscheduled to allow time to think and be intentional about work plans: meetings, responding to emails, and establishing desired outcomes for personal and work life.) Create a list of what these options look like for you.

Mindful Monday (Mind) - Coaching Exercises/Questions

Invest 5 to 10 minutes daily to breathe deeply and meditate on powerful thoughts or scripture. Allow yourself to be fully present, connecting to your breath, thoughts, sounds, smells, and feelings. Also use this time to reflect on areas of abundance and gratitude in your life such as family, friends, health, nature, and goals accomplished, etc. (Don’t miss out on recommended resources: YouTube Channel, Naya F. Powell/Utopia Living, and Christian Mindfulness apps such as Reflect, Abide, and Soultime).

Pause and pay attention to the chatter of your mind. Take some time to write down positive affirmations to correct unhealthy, negative thinking patterns (use scripture, praise, and worship, uplifting music, quotes, or poetry to assist you in this process, as needed).

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