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Live Well Wednesday: Make It a Digital Detox Day

Wednesday is well known as “Hump Day” or “Slump Day,” so let’s take some time to examine the kinds of thoughts entering into our minds. Many people are addicted to social media and various news outlets, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. We have to navigate a plethora of different content sources screaming for our attention day in and day out. The majority of media today can be negative and fear based. So, it is up to us to be on top of our thoughts.

As I mentioned before, there is power in your peace, so protect it at all costs by being selective about what enters your mind, spirit, and atmosphere. In order to take the reins on what is coming into your mind, it is time to consider a digital detox. Set aside a planned period of time to completely turn off all of the devices and access points of “voices” today. Turn notifications off, log out of the social media platforms, and enjoy spending time with your own thoughts for a while. You may be surprised by what you discover. Technology is part of our lives now, so we must learn how to handle it in a healthy way.

Did You Know: According to the Harvard Business Review, “Consuming negative news can make you less effective at work.” Negative news is pervasive, and easily accessible through the many devices we use each day. NPR also did a segment on smartphone detoxes that examined the benefits of taking a digital time out. The benefits of this practice have been found to be many. Psychologist David Greenfield, who studies biological responses to smartphone interactions, asserted in the segment that smartphones can create a form of notification addiction. Every time a notification occurs (with maybe a bell ring, vibration, or little tune), a dopamine release occurs in the brain, which gives us pleasure.

Alternatively, there is definitely a strong link between having a positive attitude and health. Additional studies have also found that a positive attitude improves outcomes and life satisfaction across a spectrum of conditions - including traumatic brain injury, stroke, and brain tumors.

Utopian Lifestyle Strategies

Choose one day a week to have a digital detox.

Don’t become captive to the “ping” of your smartphone and devices, but instead apply your mind and be intentional with your time.

Check out your smartphone tendencies - review your regular use, and how distracting it is for your day-to-day interactions.

Live Well Wednesday (Mind) - Coaching Exercises/Questions

How does your digital use make you feel? Reflect and record your responses (e.g., do you leave social media feeling better or worse than when you spend time off-line?)

Determine time in your day to turn off your phone: place it on “Do Not Disturb,” or at least silence it.

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