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Turn Up Tuesday: Energize Your Focus

Ready, set, go! It’s Tuesday morning, and now that we have used Monday to mindfully clear the clutter and create order around our desired outcomes and priorities, we are now ready to pursue this week with mental focus...on a high note. Let's “turn up” and start out the gate strong.

When we center our minds on specific areas and goals, we become more aware of distractions. This allows us to avoid pitfalls and detours. Keep the main thing the main thing, and you will see the fruits of your focus.

Start the day earlier so you can get ahead on key deliverables and action items. It is best to create a mindset of discipline around having 2 long days a week versus allowing your week to take control of you. Each day I create an action plan for my day. I also have a project board and calendar, which offers multiple reminders of my daily, monthly, and quarterly goals. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it's done.”

Did you know: A study from the staffing firm Accountemps discovered that Monday and Tuesday are the two most productive days of the week for employees. Specifically, 39% of human resource managers think employees get the most done on Tuesdays, while 24% believe productivity peaks on Mondays. Start your week with focus and purpose for optimal productivity and effectiveness.

Utopian Lifestyle Strategies

Intentionally and proactively schedule afternoon meetings, calls, and time to send important emails on Tuesday. This will provide ample time for follow-up action and closing out items throughout the end of the week.

Set up your environment so that it allows you to wake up in a space of peace. There are power and productivity in your peace!

Create protected time on your calendar. Carve out sections of your day or week to laser focus where needed. Celebrate small and big wins.

Turn Up Tuesday (Mind) - Coaching Exercises/Questions

Take a moment to jot down 3-5 actions and the desired outcomes you want to start practicing in to turn up your Tuesday for an optimally productive week.

Write down potential barriers and payoffs to accomplishing your goals. Determine a plan to overcome the things that might get in your way.

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