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Meet the Team


Naya Powell is a #1 Bestselling Author of 30 Days to Utopia Living, 3rd generation entrepreneur, CEO/founder of Spa Utopia I Utopia Spa, and Global Wellness which delivers luxe spa and virtual wellness experiences on-demand, and the Utopia Living Brand. Spa Utopia is a proud graduate of Google For Startups: Black Founders Exchange.


Naya is a highly regarded thought leader in the world of wellness and innovative self-care. As a Wholistic Lifestyle Strategist and Executive Coach, she offers ten (10) plus years of expertise providing wellness solutions for individuals, top brands, and Fortune 500 companies. Naya and her companies client lists include the 2020 Olympic Trials, NFL - Super Bowl, The Ritz Carlton, Google, Martha Stewart, Sean Combs, Angela Bassett, and others.


Powell’s educational background includes a B.A. Degree in Business Administration from Clark Atlanta University, Certification in Massage Therapy from Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health, and post-graduate studies at the College of Executive Coaching (accredited by the International Coaching Federation) and The Science of Well-Being (Yale University).  Powell promotes Utopian Lifestyle Strategies as a global: speaker, executive coach, mindfulness facilitator, and lifestyle retreat curator.


Naya believes Utopia Living is giving. She serves on the Board of the Daniel Center of Math and Science,  speaks at various colleges and universities; and is a global mentor to The Woman Boss in The Gambia - West Africa. 


Naya's mission is to spread life-giving services to the world and empower others to live their most passionate lives on purpose...*wholistically!

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Elizabeth Gervais is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Food Freedom Coach, living on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Her approach is grounded in her background of biology supported by her bachelor’s in science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Elizabeth has spent the last few years dedicated to liberating people from their frustrating, cyclical, and self-sabotaging cycles with food and dieting. She helps her clients find peace and freedom in their relationship with food and ultimately, helps them reignite their inner intuitive eater. 



Kristine Jones is a Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, Author, Wife, Mother, Mentor, and Licensed, Ordained Minister.
Kristine has lived a life of resilience, navigating life without her mother from a young age. Her path resulted in strength, resiliency, and passion for helping young girls and women be free from their past and negative self-perceptions. 

Kristine is here to serve as your Integrative Wellness Coach to empower you with a plan to live a life of wholeness - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Kristine's mission is to empower others by supporting them and helping them find their true identity and purpose. Kristine is the founder of Priceless Jewels, a program to help rebuild hope in the lives of young girls and women. 



Kimmi brings over ten (10) years of experience as a health and wellness instructor. She is a certified Yoga and Zumba instructor and member of the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance. She specializes in Soul Flow Yoga, Beginner Yoga, and Trauma Informed Yoga. Kimmi has worked with The University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s College, and the city of South Bend, IN, leading various wellness-related programs and enjoys public speaking. Kimmi is a graduate of Saint Mary's College and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing, and is a proud member of the Saint Mary's College Board of Trustees.

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“Push you to be the best version of yourself”


A mom of 4 beautiful girls, originally from Queens, New York, with a world citizen soul. Jessica purchased a Barre franchise from Los Angeles CA in 2014. She is a certified Barre instructor and also Mat & Hot Pilates Certified instructor. Most recently, she is now accredited Mat Based Hot Pilates Master Trainer, at her home studio in Coral Springs, FL.  In addition, she is also a Gravity Pilates & Total Gym certified instructor.  Her training ranges from Pilates, strength, HIIT and sculpt.  Fitness is her passion which drives her energy and “beast mode”state to class every time. That spent feeling that you have after taking a an intense class is what makes her happy and that she is able to give you an amazing experience whether its for fitness or spiritual.  Jessica believes in self love, and of those acts is fitness for yourself. 

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Smita Sharma (Luna) is an International Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, trained in India in Swami Sivananda's form of Hatha Yoga. Originating from a family of Yogis, meditation has always been part of her life, she has been actively practicing it since 2001.  She specializes in Yogic meditation practice of Yog Nidra & Antar Moun and has received advance training under the lineage of Bihar School of Yoga, Munger (India) established by Swami Satyanand Saraswati.  She trained in Mindfulness from MNDFL Studios (NYC), Mindful Schools and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program at UMass Medical School - Center for Mindfulness.  

These traditional & secular trainings have enabled her to create unique programs that incorporate ancient Meditation techniques with modern, well researched & simplified Mindfulness tools.  Luna has lived and worked in 3 continents (India, New Zealand & United States) and as a worldly, adventurous spirit is skilled in employing global, ancient concepts in combination with certified, national practices. 

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Mary has been guiding yoga practices since 2013 and is an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance.  Over the years she has taught gentle, vinyasa, slow flow, beginners, and yin classes.  She is a student first, and strives to learn and grow as both a teacher and practitioner.  Mary encourages her students to meet themselves exactly where they are at.  Yoga is a practice and you do not have to be perfect.  Strength, flexibility and balance, all develop out of a consistent yoga practice.  Her goal is to help students create more space in their bodies, minds, and hearts. 



Leslie Stevens, M.Ed., LCMHC is a North Carolina and Virginia board-certified licensed professional counselor. She has successfully helped hundreds of people navigate stress, depression, anxiety, and perfectionism. Leslie is the co-founder of the Congruence Counseling Group, PLLC located in Carrboro, NC. 


The Congruence Counseling Group is a space that she co-created to serve the ever-growing population seeking mental health counseling. In addition to serving as a licensed clinical mental health counselor, she has been a leader, speaker, teacher, mentor, and administrator in various settings for over 15 years. She has also served in ministry in the local church. As a natural empath, Leslie can feel deeply. Her passion and purpose in life is HEALING. Through counseling, she helps people understand their own thoughts, feelings, and patterns and facilitates healing through that work. Leslie shows up with accurate empathic understanding, unconditional positive regard, and congruence. Her work is deeply rooted in Person-Centered Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Kirstin Shaw is a qualified Pilates, Yoga Dance, HITT, and Kickboxing teacher, who is based in Cape Town where she is working as a dedicated and passionate online instructor.  Teaching and developing clients from around the world energizes me! She has extensive experience teaching group classes + private classes online and at private studios in South Africa, Buenos Aires, and Italy.


Her experience in Buenos Aires at Yoga Booty Ballet and Alejandro Tango Teachings inspired her to create a "Tango-Lates" or Danza Pilates program. 


Kirstin’s classes expand on the traditional Pilates method by incorporating more fluid creative movements into whole-body movement-art routines that are choreographed to music. Her goal is to increase the enjoyment of Pilates without diluting the true form of the method or sacrificing the intensity and focus of the work. 


"My goal is for students to feel refreshed and inspired through movement and to discover that they are God's poetry in motion."


Kirstin’s clients include: The President Hotel; The University of Cape Town; private children’s parties, Language for Life; and The Movement Collective.


Her additional skills include:

  • Teaching & People Development

  • Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga

  • Choreography and sequencing

  • Movement meditation

  • Relationship management

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Marybeth is a highly respected global fitness industry leader with over 30+ years- experience in group exercise programming. As an RYT, she is committed to inspire others to long-term health and fitness goals in the areas of exercise, well-being and stress management. As a former National Trainer with the SilverSneakers® Fitness program and a NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, she has advanced training in older adult exercise and fitness-based training solutions. Marybeth is a Life Coach and holds certifications with Yoga Alliance, A.C.E., A.F.A.A. and A.E.A.

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Priya completed her Intermediate, & Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in the beautiful setting of the Integral Yoga Alliance in Yogaville, VA.   


Priya earned a Bachelor’s & Masters in Education from the University of Michigan. She is a teacher by profession. Also, having grown up in Michigan in a spiritually and culturally rich home, Indian traditions were ingrained in her.   Therefore to instruct interesting & creative classes while drawing in philosophical & cultural themes seems natural for Priya. 

She likes to make her practice fun and accessible to all levels from basic beginner to advanced, helping students to reach their own potentials for personal transformation, balance, and bliss.  Priya likes to remind practitioners that the main intention of yoga is to not only nurture the body, but also the mind and soul so that once you step off your mat you feel refreshed, nourished and balanced.

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Julie was trained in classical ballet as a young child. While attending college, she began running and weight lifting. It was in 2013, by the recommendation of her sister that she attended her first barre class at Mindful Movement Pilates; she fell in love with it from day one. After two years of classes at Mindful Movements Pilates, Julie was approached by the owner of the studio and asked if she would be certified and teach for her. She now holds a National Pilates certification and TRX certification. She’s an ACE approved Group Fitness Instructor and is a certified instructor in both BarreAmped/BarreAmped Fire. She is also a Certified Bellicon and Power Stretch Fitness trainer.

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Gester John Maglaque is a professional MMA fighter and personal fitness coach. Ever since he was young, he has shown interest in mixed martial arts — which in turn lead him to learn it. Throughout the years, he has received training in different countries such as Brazil and Japan for Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, and more. Moreover, Gester has also participated in MMA competitions, won several times, and is always included in the main event.


He strived to become a personal fitness coach since he is passionate in helping people become healthy and fit.



Seung Song has spent a lifetime practicing Taekwondo, Hapkido, Tai chi, Baguazhang, Hatha Yoga, and the healing energy art of Qigong.


He has won awards in international martial arts competitions and has taught in Korea, China, and the United States. With humility, gentleness, and great skill, Seung teaches students at all levels. He integrates healing and meditation into daily life, aspiring to create an enlightened society through the care of mind, body, and spirit.

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"It's always a party when Kameica, renowned Jamaican born Choreographer, Barre Trainer and, Dance Instructor and former professional dancer of over 25 years take to the floor. They call her KILLA KAM but her powerhouse energy, fire playlist and inspiring warm motivation will get you through any sweat sesh on the dance floor! 

Raven Gibbs


Raven Gibbs is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in Psychology and Sociology with a concentration in Law and Cognitive Science. She is currently in pursuit of a degree in MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling! Her current certifications include The Science of Well-Being (Yale University), Healing With the Arts (University of Florida) and Mental Health Management During Covid-19 (University of Toronto).


Over the years, she has worked tirelessly to ensure that her community was supported, loved and encouraged. Raven had a vision and executed a plan to address mental health challenges via dance to individuals that were not open to traditional therapeutic techniques and interventions. Her work has since been seen on Tyler Perry Studios, BET, BETher, Essence, Steve Harvey, Georgetown University, XONecole, Spirituality & Health Magazine, 102Jamz, Foxy 107/104, Spectacular Magazine, The CW, and more!

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Srividya is a certified Zumba instructor who teaches virtual and in-person dance fitness classes at gyms and to private groups. Additionally, she has conducted dance sessions at corporate events and special celebrations.


Srividya started her career in administrative positions working for various companies after earning her Bachelor’s in Commerce from the University of Delhi in India. Since her childhood days, dance has always been a passion that led her to participate in several groups and solo performances. Growing up in a metropolitan city like Delhi taught the diverse and rich Indian cultural dances that exist in India. After migrating to the US, she reinvigorated her passion when attending a Zumba class where she was introduced to newer dance styles. Since then, she decided to take this up as a career and aims to make fitness a joyous event by providing an energetic, fun-filled workout that feels like a party with great music! Her dance routines combine various Latin dance forms (like Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton), Indian styles (like Bollywood, Bhangra, Folk, South Indian street dance), belly dance, and Hip Hop!