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The Importance of Self-Care For Mothers In The Workforce

As Mother’s Day draws near it becomes exceedingly important to remind ourselves of the amazing jobs that mothers do to take care of their family. Mothers often have a hard time in the workforce, especially single mothers who also must manage their household while providing for their children. So, appreciating all the hard work they do should always be an essential part of the day, and should not be set aside for Mother’s Day alone.

However, this Mother’s Day, let us all remind ourselves of the great challenges that our mothers have had to face to bring us up and nurture us into the people we have become. Being a working mother is an unimaginably stressful job and for mothers, it brings in a lot of the negative effects that stress and anxiety often do. Unfortunately for mothers, they must brave through these effects for the benefit of their family, and this can cause a great toll on their mind and body.

Mothers In The Workplace

To get started, it is important to understand the challenges that mothers often face in the workplace. Whether it is being overlooked for a project or not being considered for a deserved promotion, mothers are one of the most marginalized groups in the workforce. Over 600,000 women left the workplace, and many single mothers were forced to do this to take care of their kids who now stay at home due to the pandemic, and this often leads to unwanted stress and anxiety in their lives.

While participation for working moms is not low at all, about two-thirds of working women have children under the age of 18, the problems generally arise in terms of advancements and pay. According to AAUW, around 17% of working mothers have been overlooked for promotion simply because they have children. This falls hand in hand with the fact that many mothers are often forced to reject promotions due to the extra workload that comes with it. Working mothers, and more noticeably, single mothers in the workforce, often have trouble finding a balance between work and home. This fact is disproportionately higher for working moms than working dads. 23% of single mothers have been either overlooked or have had to reject promotions for these reasons, while only 15% of single fathers have experienced the same.

Moreover, recent mothers often fall under more hardships during the early years of their child. Statistics show that the labor force participation of mothers with children under the age of 6 was at 66.4%, while the participation for mothers whose youngest was between 6 to 17 was well over 75%. On top of this, mothers who have taken a year off work earn 39% less than women who did not. This statistic is even more appalling when we consider that women are still not paid proportionately to men in the workplace.

How Working Mothers Can Destress During Their Work Week

With all these issues plaguing mothers in the workplace, working moms need to consider finding quick ways to destress whenever they can. A single mother's schedule is almost never open and finding time between taking care of children and working can be extremely difficult. For this reason, wellness and health sites are a great tool for the working mother.

Online classes and quick wellness sessions can fit in the middle of a work schedule and they provide great ways for mothers to take some time to relieve any stress or anxiety. Studies have shown that 73% of mothers are more likely to use a wellness or mental-health benefit if it were accessible to them from their phone or other electronic devices. This is further bolstered by the fact that over two-thirds of working mothers have had less than an hour to themselves without work or family duties.

As time continues to become a growing commodity for the working mother, they need to find an outlet that allows them to take all the tension off their shoulders, even if this is merely for 10 minutes. Mothers carry such heavy burdens that it is life-draining for them to go through life without taking a moment to care for themselves every day. This is where websites like Utopia Spa & Global Wellness come in. Mothers can utilize the On-Demand library to get a quick yoga session or a kickboxing workout between meetings. They can sign up for some of the LIVE classes to ensure that they get personal attention from some of the best instructors from around the world. Even their corporations can set up personal events for mothers to give the working mom a much-deserved break.

So, as we approach Mother’s Day, consider getting the mothers in your life membership to Utopia Spa & Global Wellness as we celebrate mothers around the world by offering special classes geared for mothers. Mothers are the backbone of the community and often lead hard lives so that their children can have a good one. From time to time, every mother deserves a break, and while this may not be possible, they deserve a few minutes to care for their body, mind, and spirit, so that they can do the same for their children. After all, within each mother rests a hero, and even heroes need a minute to themselves.

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