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7 Ways to Boost Creativity & Innovation in the Workplace

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

—Maya Angelou

Fostering creativity and embracing innovation empower teams, promoting inventive solutions, adaptability, and cohesive problem-solving. This approach not only propels companies in competitive markets but also enables them to meet evolving client demands. A supportive environment, encouraging unrestricted thinking, boosts engagement and problem-solving. Implement these seven (7) strategies to enhance workplace creativity and innovation.



1. Promote Psychological Safety

Harvard Business Professor, Teresa M. Amabile, Ph.D is one of the world’s leading thinkers on creativity and innovation. Her work has expanded our understanding of what it means to be creative, as well as the internal and external forces that influence it. Edmondson, extensively studied psychological safety in teams and highlighted its positive impact on innovation, increased collaboration and idea-sharing. In such an environment, everyone's voice is valued, leading to a rich exchange of ideas that can spark creativity and innovation. Her contributions include measurement tools (Consensual Assessment Technique, Work Preference Inventory, KEYS to Creativity and Innovation),


2. Welcome Diverse Perspectives through Brainstorming

Encourage a diverse group of participants in brainstorming sessions. Different perspectives bring a variety of ideas and approaches to the table, enriching the creative process. Ensure that team members from various departments or backgrounds are involved, fostering a cross-functional exchange of ideas.


Providing a loose structure can guide discussions and prevent them from veering off course. Start with a clear goal or problem statement, and then allow the conversation to flow organically. This helps maintain focus while encouraging creative exploration.


3. Mix Traditional and Modern Approaches

Combine traditional brainstorming sessions with modern techniques like mind mapping, design thinking, or the Six Thinking Hats method. Experimenting with various approaches keeps the creative process dynamic and stimulates different facets of thinking. 


4. Fuel Passion and Purpose

Igniting passion and purpose means connecting individuals to the deeper significance of their work. When employees grasp the purpose behind their tasks and are passionate about their impact, they become more invested. Renowned Psychologist Teresa Amabile highlights the pivotal role of intrinsic motivation in fueling creativity, stating that individuals are most creative when passionate and purposeful in their tasks (Amabile, 1993).


5. Encourage Risk-Taking

Encouraging risk-taking is closely tied to fostering a culture that embraces uncertainty and ambiguity. When employees feel supported in taking calculated risks, they are likelier to unleash their creative potential and contribute to groundbreaking solutions that can drive the organization forward.


6. Learn From SetbacksEmbracing setbacks and extracting lessons fosters a growth mindset, reframing obstacles as opportunities for advancement. In innovative environments, mistakes are considered stepping stones to success, echoing the principles advocated by psychologist Carol Dweck. Studies affirm that individuals with a growth mindset exhibit greater resilience in adversity. To cultivate a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement, acknowledging challenges as inherent to innovation is imperative (Dweck, 2006).


7. Celebrate and Recognize Contributions

Acknowledge and celebrate creative contributions, regardless of their immediate feasibility. Recognition encourages individuals to continue thinking creatively and reinforces the value of innovative ideas within the organization.


In fostering workplace well-being, prioritizing open communication, passion, resilience, and a willingness to take risks is crucial. Emphasizing creativity and innovation as core values establishes an environment that supports mental and emotional wellness, sparking collective creative energy and groundbreaking innovations.

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