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Priya Amaresh, M.Ed., Yoga & Breathwork Instructor

Priya completed her Intermediate, & Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in the beautiful setting of the Integral Yoga Alliance in Yogaville, VA.   


Priya earned a Bachelor’s & Masters in Education from the University of Michigan. She is a teacher by profession. Also, having grown up in Michigan in a spiritually and culturally rich home, Indian traditions were ingrained in her.   Therefore to instruct interesting & creative classes while drawing in philosophical & cultural themes seems natural for Priya. 

She likes to make her practice fun and accessible to all levels from basic beginner to advanced, helping students to reach their own potentials for personal transformation, balance, and bliss.  Priya likes to remind practitioners that the main intention of yoga is to not only nurture the body, but also the mind and soul so that once you step off your mat you feel refreshed, nourished and balanced.

For Members Only

Hatha Yoga

Monday  8:30 am ET  30 mins.

Pranayama Breathwork

Friday  8:30 am ET  30 mins.

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