30 Days to Utopia Living: Unleash Abundance in Your Mind, Spirit, Body, and Relationships

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The perfect Self-care Book!


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Feeling stressed out, over-committed, or chronically fatigued? Who doesn’t these days? “Stress is the culprit of 80-90% of disease,” but Naya F. Powell offers solace and solutions in 30 Days to Utopia Living. The Utopia Living philosophy believes you can create harmony in all areas of your life wholistically (the whole self): mentally, spiritually, physically, relationally, professionally, and financially.


This unique, faith-based coaching devotional is a compilation of:
  • 90 Utopian Lifestyle Strategies
  • 60 powerful coaching exercises
  • 4 weekly prayers & 
  • Daily affirmations!


Experience peak transformation in 30 Days by curating our personalized self-care tool kit. Plus join our Utopia Global Book Club starting January 1, 2021!

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