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What is Holistic Wellness & How to Achieve it

According to Riverside Village Clinic: "Holistic health and wellness is the practice of treating the whole mind, body, and spirit. While a traditional healthcare provider may seek to treat various symptoms you present without considering other factors which may be at play, a holistic wellness provider will seek to find the root cause of your symptoms and treat all accordingly."

Aspects of Holistic Well-being:

Physical well-being

The Body is often described as a vessel. Taking care of it is essential to maintain stability, flexibility, and the prevention of diseases.

Mental well-being

This includes being mindful of your thoughts and emotions, which influence your interactions with yourself and others.

Social well-being

Social support is a crucial aspect of our well-being. This aspect includes the connection you have with others, the way you interact, connect and form bonds.

Spiritual well-being

This encompasses feeling connected to the inner self and/or believing in a higher power. Spiritual well-being may help us find meaning in life and inspire us to continue to grow.

6 Strategies for Holistic Health & Wellbeing

  1. Be disciplined and mindful of what you fuel your body with

  2. Build a healthy bedtime routine

  3. Be mindful and focus on the present moment

  4. Take a moment each day to give thanks and to find reasons to be grateful

  5. Incorporate positive affirmations into your life

  6. Practice holistic health practices, such as meditation, yoga, hypnotherapy, reiki energy healing, etc.

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