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Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and this is the year we should all take some time to appreciate all women around the world who have sacrificed and suffered through difficult times. Women’s rights are still an issue in many corners of society and it goes without saying that every woman deserves all the basic rights that are granted to men. So, this month go out of your way to not only understand the circumstances that many women must strive through day after day, but also celebrate the women who do this.

Educate Yourself On The History Of Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights is something that is still being fought for today. While for many people it may seem that society generally treats women as equals with men, the truth is there are women being suppressed all around the world. Nations barre women from voting, driving or even having a voice of their own. So, it is important for every person to understand how to combat these injustices. Studying up on how various Women’s Rights Movements played out and all the inspirational leaders behind those movements can give us some perspective on how to fight for Women’s Rights today. So, get inspired by some of the women of history and of today because women around the world need leaders they can trust.

Read About Influential Women Throughout History

As mentioned above, there are countless women that can inspire future and current generations. These women have spoken up against injustices committed against them and their fellow women and have shone brightly through ridicule and criticism. Women like Oprah Winfrey, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Michelle Obama, to name a few, serve as inspirational figures. Learning about their lives and their hardships can help us understand the importance of fighting for women’s rights and the importance of gender equality. Each generation has had numerous women that have influenced millions and every one of them continue to inspire millions more. Take some time out of your day to educate yourself on these inspirational figures. Dedicate one day this month to learning about the accomplishments of at least one woman throughout history.

Wear Purple

Purple is the color used to celebrate women around the world. So, why not wear purple when you go into work this month. It may seem like a small thing, but it can spread awareness and happiness throughout your workplace. Teach others the importance of the color and focus some of your attention on educating people around you of women’s rights. While purple is just a color, it holds significance for women across the globe and is a small way to show them that you stand by them and are willing to offer your hand in the fight for women’s rights.

Join Or Donate To An Organization

There are several great organizations around the world that dedicate themselves to helping women in need and aiding women’s movements. These organizations are always looking for help as there and by lending a hand, you would be greatly benefiting the fight for equality. Some of these organizations are: The National Organization for Women, UN Women, Global Fund for Women, Center for Reproductive Rights, United Nations Development Fund for Women, Womankind Worldwide, International Alliance of Women, International Women’s Health Coalition, League of Women Voters, Girls Not Brides, African Women’s Development Fund, European Women’s Lobby. Countless more can be found with a simple google search and each of them fight for an extremely important cause that requires the support of people from all parts of the world.

Appreciate and Share Art By Women

Women artists are some of the most accomplished around the world. Many of them often express their own hardships through their artform. From authors like Kate Chopin to singers like Beyoncé, the world is filled with influential women artists that serve as great role models, reminding women that they are capable of anything they put their mind to. This month celebrate some of these artists by appreciating their art or by buying some of their products. Understand that they have excelled in their fields despite being suppressed by media and critics and share their story to spread awareness.

Attend Virtual Events

Women’s History Month comes with a plethora of events dedicated to celebrating women around the world. Due to the pandemic, many of these events are virtual and can be watched from any corner of the globe. This will no doubt boost the attendance of these events and will guarantee to educate millions and inspire even more. A list of events can be found online on various sites. Here is a link to one of those sites: Attend as many of these as you can because each of them will surely help you celebrate women and can even teach you somethings about the history of women. There are also virtual exhibits being hosted by the Smithsonian as well as the National Women’s History Museum. These exhibits are a must-see for anyone that has the time and are available for everyone online.

Women’s History Month is extremely important for many people around the globe. It gives us a chance to educate ourselves and celebrate the women who have suffered so that future generations can live peacefully. Yet even today there are places that suppress women and this is something that can no longer go unnoticed. Celebrate Women’s History Month and lend a hand to organizations that are striving to ensure that women across the planet get the rights they deserve.

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