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Self-Love Can Cure Your Relationship Woes

Self-Love is important for every person and is a great benefit towards one’s health and mental wellness. However, it is also extremely important to maintain a good relationship. Without Self-Love a relationship can quickly turn toxic and unhealthy for both you and your partner. Of course, Self-Love helps in more than just romantic relationships, it also helps build meaningful relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

How Could Self-Love Help Your Relationship?

Independence and Space

There are several reasons why Self-Love can greatly improve a relationship. For starters, it allows you to be independent from each other. This means that each person gets enough space when they need it, and they are not completely reliant on the other being around all the time. In relationships, space is one of the most important aspects and a lack of it can often choke people out. So, by Loving yourself, you give yourself the ability to maintain a certain amount of space and independence from your partner. This improves the overall relationship as there is no overhanging tension or burden upon one party.


Another major reason that Self-Love is vital for good relationships is because it creates a sense of individuality. Relationships are a partnership between two separate pieces. Since Self-Love is a way to discover oneself, it enhances the knowledge one has about what they need and what makes them happy. In a relationship this is important for many of the same reasons that space and independence is important. Individuality lets the other learn valuable lessons and allows the relationship to grow.

Only You Can Give Yourself Happiness

While relationships are about being with a person that makes you genuinely happy, one thing to always remember is that the only person who truly knows how to make you happy is yourself. In a relationship, your partner may try and do things they feel will make you happy which does not always work out. This is where Self-Love comes in. Those attempts are great for the relationship as it shows that your partner is interested in your happiness, however, it is only you that make yourself happy. Nobody knows the person you are better than yourself and nobody knows exactly what you need better than yourself. So, by practicing Self-Love you can give yourself the happiness you deserve and ensure that you are not solely reliant on your partner for this, because that is not fair to you nor your partner.

Your Partner Learns From Observing You

A quote we often hear is that “people treat you the way you treat yourself.” This is true, especially in a relationship. When you have been with a person for long enough, they get a glimpse of yourself in your most private state and they analyze what you do. This helps them make you feel more comfortable. So, if you are not good to yourself during those moments, they may not be good to you as well. This is often why many relationships fail. Remember that your partner observes and acts the same way you do, so loving yourself shows them how much care they also need to show you.

How Do We Use Self-Love in Relationships?

With all these reasons showing us why Self-Love is important in relationships, it is also important to understand how to develop Self-Love in relationships. Of course, there are the things we have spoken about like maintaining space, seeing yourself as your partner does but there are many more practices you can strive for.

Accept Your Flaws

An important action is not to get disheartened by your flaws. Remember that we are all made of flaws and these flaws do not make you a worse person but a more unique one. Your partner stays with you because they do not view them as flaws but as a part of the whole person. No person is perfect and striving to be a perfect human is something that is simply unachievable.

Actions Are The Language Of Love

Another action to take to develop Self-Love in a relationship is to remind yourself that love is an action. Love is not simply an emotion that you convey to another, but it is more of a significant action that you display from time to time. This means that you must show the other person that you love them, and this is also important for Self-Love. Remember, you cannot love another until you have learned to love yourself.

Show Your Partner How To Care

An important way of integrating Self-Love with relationships is showing your partner how you love yourself. As mentioned earlier, your partner learns a lot about you from observing how you care for yourself and so it becomes important for you to maintain level care. However, sometimes your partner may think outside the box and get it wrong. Do not be discouraged by this, instead communicate as it is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Remember, you know how to love yourself better than anyone ever will.

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