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Self-Care and Self-Love

In the 21st century, it is vital for each of us to understand the importance of our own worth. This understanding of our worthiness goes a long way in accepting oneself and especially in times where we are forced to be by ourselves, this becomes extremely important for maintaining some form of mental and inner peace. This is where the concepts of Self-Care and Self-Love come in.

Firstly, to understand what Self-Care is, we must understand what Self-Love is. In essence Self-Love is the awareness one has towards their own worthiness. This awareness allows people to stop seeking validation from other people and focus on themselves. During a pandemic, it becomes easy for us to lose sight of this for many reasons. Therefore, when something bad happens in life, it is important to understand that there is a way to bounce back and that the only person that can truly make you feel better is yourself.

Here is where the concept of Self-Care enters the fray. Self-Care is a small part of Self-Love and it involves performing activities to keep one’s mind and body at peace. Practicing self-care is an important step towards achieving Self-Love. There are many ways to practice Self-Care, from mediation and exercise to bubble baths and massages, Self-Care is always accessible for people and all they must do is set out to find it. By practicing Self-Care, one learns to appreciate themselves and understand the worthiness that they possess.

So, now that we understand the concept of Self-Love and Self-Care it is easy to see how the two relate to one another. Self-Care is merely a small part of Self-Love. It is a stepping stone towards understanding one’s worth and is a big move towards ignoring the meaningless quest of seeking out validation. Through Self-Care, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and through this understanding we can learn to love ourselves. Achieving Self-Love is beneficial to yourself, but it also benefits those around you. When you understand your worth, you can help others around you do the same and in turn show those closest to you how to find their own worth.

Studies conducted by the Samueli Integrative Health Program, a part of the University of California, Irving, shows that around 80% of people have intended to practice self care during the pandemic. This tells us that Self-Care is regularly sought after. Unfortunately, around 48% of those people struggled to maintain their Self-Care regimes. This can be caused by many things, one of which is simply not having the information necessary to take care of yourself.

Steps to Self-Care during a Pandemic

Sleep Well

Our body requires rest. After working all day, even when staying at home, maintaining a healthy sleep cycle becomes imperative to building a healthy relationship with your body. In fact, various studies from institutions like National Institutes of Health have directly tied Sleep with a better Immune System. Sleeping allows our body to remain strong to fight off infections and during a pandemic, this is especially useful.

Sign-up for an online class

Sometimes it is hard to stick to your own regime. With changes in your mood or your otherwise busy schedule, your workout regime can really fall out of shape. Fortunately, there is nothing that can keep you motivated than other people. Signing up for a class, even a remote class, is especially helpful as you gain the motivation to attend the class and in turn get to practice various forms of Self-Care routines. At Utopia Spa and Global Wellness, you can sign up for online classes that can help keep you in shape, mentally, physically and spiritually. Just what you need to improve your self worth.

Eat Well

Food is something that really affects your body. Of course, prohibiting any sort of food is bad but at the same time, eating unhealthy food constantly can negatively affect your body as well. Sticking to healthy foods can often make you feel better and appreciate yourself even more.

Meditate and Practice Wellness

Your physicality should be only one part of your overall Self-Care plan. Your mental well being is as important as your physical health. While being physically happy is important for your image and to understand your worth, having peace of mind and overall mental well being should not be neglected. Without a good mindset, any task can seem impossible and this applies to Self-Love.

In many ways Self-Love spreads from one person to another. It is an extremely important concept for every person on this planet. No matter what, we must understand that we are our own biggest critics and to better ourselves as people we must practice Self-Care. Both Self-Care and Self-Love, therefore, become particularly important aspects of life that should never be ignored. After all, Self-Love is not selfish, “you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.“

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