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Leadership Training For High School Students In The Gambia

Leadership is born through guidance and inspiration...

As we continue to look at the various programs initiated by The Woman Boss (TWB) in The Gambia, we look at an essential program that helps train women and girls to become leaders in their community.

Naya Powell, CEO of Utopia SGW, shares her experience supporting this sister brand. "I love doing meaningful and impactful work. It was a pleasure to co-facilitate with Awamary Khan, CEO of The Woman Boss, during their Leadership and Gender-Based Violence training at Gambia Methodist Academy in partnership with UNICEF Gambia!"

It was both exciting and encouraging to hear these high school girls speak of being future presidents, doctors, and engineers!! Many realized that they would be stepping outside of cultural and gender norms. The Woman Boss gives them confidence that their dreams and ambitions are possible."

The Gambian school system has long been a place where girls have had trouble finding their voice. So, Leadership Training for High School Students is essential for girls. The Woman Boss website explains the need for this type of training in The Gambia. “The Woman Boss recognizes the need to nurture, groom and empower young girls into our next generation leaders by imparting them with all the necessary skills required such as leadership exposure, public speaking skills, critical thinking, mentorship, self-awareness, and personal development.”

Leadership training is a significant first step for many girls who would not have this opportunity otherwise. The TWB School Ambassador Initiative selects some

of these girls and allows them to solve problems that plague the community. This program gives these girls a platform to voice these problems and present ways to solve them. It is a way to teach them these skills, but more importantly, it helps them pass these skills on to the next generation.

Along with this, the Leadership Training gives the girls a chance to learn other essential skills that can help them survive in the world without the need for relying on anyone else. Leadership skills are vital, but so is teaching people independence. The program teaches girls to think on the spot, take risks, and broaden their knowledge on issues that affect their community.

Did you know, according to several studies conducted in The Gambia, the literacy rate for women is much lower than that for men. The literacy rate for Gambian men is about 64% while the rate for Gambian women is 47%. This large difference is one of the major causes for women holding extremely few leadership positions in the country or owning their businesses.

The Woman Boss leadership training has already started spreading to other corners of the world and will undoubtedly inspire numerous women to break through barriers and become leaders in their community, country, and the world. Utopia Spa and Global Wellness is honored to be a part of this social impact work.

To learn more about The Woman Boss or become a global mentor, please contact or visit

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