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Feel Good Friday: Reflect On Life's Blessings And Lessons

I recall being a little girl going on our family outings, from the beach and music festivals to family road trips to Grandmom’s house in Philly and Syracuse. I realize now how much of these happy memories have shaped who I am today; my love for the ocean, music, culture, travel, and fun times with my family are places of Utopia for me. I also watched the hard work and diligence of my parents for their entrepreneurial endeavors. It is no surprise that now, years later, I have taken that same love for my work and turned it into my own entrepreneurial journey. I loved seeing their passion and joy for what they did, and it inspired my life more than I can say.

It is important to set an intention to have healthier, happier thoughts. What are some of your most joyful thoughts and memories? What seasons of life have taught you the greatest lessons? Wonderful thoughts quietly rejuvenate our mind and spirit, but often the greatest teachers are the hardest seasons of life. These seasons, though, become purposeful when we take the time to reflect on and enjoy the lessons that we have learned.

While some people may have wonderful family memories, I recognize that others may have more positive reflections from friendships. Friends are the family we choose - better known as our framily (friends and family)! Life is full of wonderful moments, in both the good times and the lessons. We can allow them to remain a gift by taking the time to remember and enjoy the memory.

Did You Know: We build a gateway to resilience and emotional strength when we think about life’s ups and downs. While life can be full of unexpected surprises, people who take the time to reminisce and enjoy “trips down memory lane” experience greater self-confidence and resilience to depression. While fixating on negative life experiences is not encouraged, reflecting on the highlight reel of life is a wonderful way to intentionally enjoy its blessings.

Utopian Lifestyle Strategies

Smile, laugh, and savor the sweet moments, and then take the time to think of them often. You only live once, so make sure you live well every day.

Reflect on some of the challenging seasons in life that have made you stronger.

Break out the home movies, videos, and digital pictures of happy times to enjoy the highlights of life as often as possible.

Feel Good Friday (Mind) - Coaching Exercises/Questions

Post pictures around your home and office that provide constant reminders of your life highlights, loved ones, and great memories!

Plan a family outing or trip. (Idea bank: You can keep it as simple as a cookout, game day at a park, or plan a framily vacay or cruise.)

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