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6 Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day

The sacrifice, courage, and dedication of our troops should never be forgotten. Since today is Memorial Day, we should take this time to remember the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our country, the veterans who fought for our freedoms, and the enlisted troops who continue to protect our nation.

We can do many things during Memorial Day to remind our troops, veterans, and their families that we are deeply indebted to them. Whether it's simply expressing gratitude for their service, giving our time, or donating to a veteran cause, nothing is too small. Here are 6 ways to express our appreciation this Memorial Day.

The National Moment of Remembrance

Every Memorial Day at 3:00 PM, the nation takes a Moment of Remembrance. This small action is a message of thanks and support to our fallen troops and their families. These soldiers have given their lives for our sake and for us to take a single minute to pause shows unified appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

Decorate The Graves Of The Fallen With Flags

It is a Memorial Day tradition for people to decorate the graves of the fallen soldiers with flags. This simple act not only helps us pay our respects to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. Showing this love and support sends a message to those currently serving and the families of veterans.

Visit A Memorial

Memorials are often hotspots during this holiday. These sites serve to cement the legacy of our troops and the impact they have had. Visiting these sites gives us hope and help us remember all the sacrifices of our troops.

Support Veteran Causes

Veterans and troops have been through some of the most challenging situations life can offer and due to this, many of them often suffer from mental health issues, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Several organizations help veterans and troops get back on their feet after they return home. Our attention and support are a great way to give back. Organizations such as Angel Wings for Veterans, Veterans Moving Forward, Give An Hour, and the National Veterans Foundation all seek to help those who have risked their lives, and the families of those who lost their lives, fighting for our country.

Have A Conversation With A Veteran

A person can never understand the experiences that Veterans and troops go through. This is if we were never in that position. While speaking to a Veteran doesn't mean that we can fully understand their experience, it helps us connect and empathize with their journey. It allows them to pass on the knowledge that they have and continue the legacy of their fallen comrades.

Read Up On American History

Memorial Day is as much a day of mourning as it is a day of celebration. It is important to remember all the fallen troops that paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could continue to chase our dreams. By brushing up on our history, we can learn more about these sacrifices and gain a deeper connection to those people that laid their lives for us as well as to those that continue to do so.

Memorial Day is a day of celebration and mourning. It is a day of remembrance and thanks. This year, we have all been fighting a deadly virus, however, our troops still fight for our safety and continue to lay their lives for our sake, despite the threat of COVID-19. So, this year let us take more than a moment to thank our troops, to thank our fallen soldiers, and to pray and support all their families.

As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

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