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5 Ways to Make Professional Wellness Month Pop!

The month of June highlights the importance of employee health and wellbeing in all facets of life. It emphasizes the impact of healthier and happier employees on organizational success. According to Vantagefit: "Employee health is one of the prime factors driving workplace productivity and employee performance, thus deserving a month of celebration and appreciation of its own."

5 Ideas To Celebrate Employee Health and Wellness Month

If you are an employer, mark the occasion of Employee Wellness Month in your workplace and celebrate it enthusiastically along with your employees. Doing so will help you reinforce wellness in your workplace and create a workforce that is well-prepared to successfully navigate everyday life. As the entire month of June is going to be dedicated to employee wellness, make sure to promote your wellness programs and initiatives throughout the month. Spice it up every week with a different wellness challenge or health initiative to keep your employees engaged.

Here are 5 amazing ideas that you can use to make this year’s employee wellness month a memorable one:

  1. Provide Biometric screenings and health check-ups

  2. Host a healthy cooking class

  3. Organize weekly group walks or encourage walking meetings

  4. Start a chain of gratitude

  5. Sign up for a virtual wellness platform, such as and take a class as a team!

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