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5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System During Seasonal Changes

A new season is not far away and that brings not only changes around us but also within us. Many of us will be spending more time indoors, so strengthening the immune system is essential during this period.

Here are 5 ways to prepare our bodies for a healthy transition into the cooler months.

1. Eat According To The Season

This time of year, foods that nourish our digestive system include swzeet potatoes, apples, avocados, and peaches. Minimize refined sugars and flours, which deplete essential nutrients and undermine the immune system. Both ginger and turmeric are powerful immune boosters. Ginger helps with inflammation, nausea, blood pressure, viral infections, and brain function; turmeric fights cancer, cholesterol, depression, viruses, arthritis, and headaches. These super roots and spices can be easily added to boost our smoothies and teas!

2. Avoid Stagnation In The Body

Prevention is the best medicine. Support the immune system with a lymphatic draining massage with dry skin brushing before taking a shower. A trip to the sauna or steam room is great for eliminating toxins through the skin (it happens to be the largest organ of the human body), stimulating circulation, and relaxing, all of which improve immune function.

3. Shift Your Exercise Focus

Make your lungs happy and strong with cardiovascular exercise (2-3x/week) for improved oxygenation of your blood and resistance to illness. Focus on breathing in and out through the nose as this helps warm and moisten the dry air that enters the body.

4. Sleep Like a Pro

It’s a known fact that daily physical activity improves the quality of sleep. But how much sleep do you really need? Your organs are busy detoxifying your body during rest, so make sure to hit the sack and log at least 7-8 hours a night.

5. Read Up On Supplements

As the weather gets cooler, be generous with garlic and ginger in your food preparation. Get your Vitamin D levels checked – many people are quite low in D, and appropriate supplementation can significantly reduce the frequency of colds and flu.

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