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3 Ways to Make it an Outstanding October

Change is everywhere! We see it and we feel it which is why this is the perfect time to join our Q4 challenge! Here are 3 actions to get you started in this effort to be even more outstanding this October!

1. Do a past-season inventory

Take a moment to identify your biggest accomplishment or take away from this past summer. Did you learn anything useful that you will take with you in the future? Are you grateful for anything, in particular, that happened?

2. Reflect on your goals

Take a moment to write down a few of your goals, dreams, and ambitions for the next few months. Documenting these items and referring back to them visually can help with motivation.

3. Find what makes you feel good

What are your favorite self-care habits or practices that make you feel the best? Share your habits or hobbies and inspire other people as well!

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