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8-Week Intuitive Eating Program with Ellie Gervais

Jan 9th - Feb 27th | 12PM EST

About The Program

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Join Ellie for a thought partnership journey around intuitive eating and strategies to develop a positive relationship with your body and food.

  • 8 weeks of group coaching | 45 minute, in depth sessions via ZOOM 

  • Direct contact to Ellie, Monday through Friday (9:00am-5:00pm)

  • Integration Homework that you can reuse forever

Ellie 8 Week Program Page (1920 × 980 px).png

What You Will Get Out Of This Program

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  • An in-depth understanding of intuitive eating and how to implement each principal into your life

  • How to reconnect with hunger and fullness

  • A deeper understanding of why you may be in the binge/ restrict cycle 

  • The most critical tools that I used to get out of a binge/ restrict cycle for good

  • Action steps for you to take each week that will help you unbury your inner intuitive eater

  • Deeper connection with yourself and your body

  • A supportive community who is also trying to better their relationship with food

This Program IS For You If You Are:

  • Feeling out of control with food or yo-yo dieting 

  • Living in a perpetual binge/restrict cycle

  • Using exercise as a form of over correction or punishment for eating

  • Don’t know when you are hungry, full or satisfied

  • Restricting or avoiding food groups, sugar, etc.

  • Feeling guilty or shameful after eating certain foods

  • Your ability to follow your food rules dictates your worth

  • Feeling a complete disconnect between your mind and body

  • Never trusting or relying on your intuitive cravings or hunger

  • Feeling either perfectly in control or absolutely out of control with food


This Program IS NOT For You If You Are:

  • You are currently battling an eating disorder and do not have the additional support of a doctor or psychiatrist

  • You are looking for a weight loss program or specifically wanting to lose weight (while weight loss can be a result of unburying your inner intuitive eater, it is important that weight loss is not the main intention as it impedes your ability to truly eat intuitively)

Meet Your Intuitive Eating Coach

Elizabeth Gervais is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Food Freedom Coach, living on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Her approach is grounded in her background of biology supported by her bachelor’s in science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Elizabeth has spent the last few years dedicated to liberating people from their frustrating, cyclical, and self-sabotaging cycles with food and dieting. She helps her clients find peace and freedom in their relationship with food and ultimately, helps them reignite their inner intuitive eater. 

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