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Srividya is a certified Zumba instructor who teaches virtual and in-person dance fitness classes at gyms and to private groups. Additionally, she has conducted dance sessions at corporate events and special celebrations.


Srividya started her career in administrative positions working for various companies after earning her Bachelor’s in Commerce from the University of Delhi in India. Since her childhood days, dance has always been a passion that led her to participate in several groups and solo performances. Growing up in a metropolitan city like Delhi taught the diverse and rich Indian cultural dances that exist in India. After migrating to the US, she reinvigorated her passion when attending a Zumba class where she was introduced to newer dance styles. Since then, she decided to take this up as a career and aims to make fitness a joyous event by providing an energetic, fun-filled workout that feels like a party with great music! Her dance routines combine various Latin dance forms (like Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton), Indian styles (like Bollywood, Bhangra, Folk, South Indian street dance), belly dance, and Hip Hop!


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