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Corporate Wellness

Giving the gift of *wholistic wellness and mental wellbeing to your associates is more than a seasonal endeavor.

Did You Know?

Eight (8) out of ten (10) Americans experience high-stress levels and 60-70% suffer from “time poverty.”

According to a recent mental health survey: 

    •    Approximately 7 in 10 employees indicated that the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is the most stressful time of their entire professional career

    •    88% of workers reported experiencing moderate to extreme stress over the past 4 to 6 weeks

    •    62% of workers reported losing at least 1 hour a day in productivity due to COVID-19-related stress, and 32% said they lost at least 2 hours a day


"Meditation builds resilience. Multiple research studies have shown that meditation has the potential to decrease anxiety, thereby potentially boosting resilience and performance under stress."

Corporate Wellness Benefits:  
    •    Stress & anxiety reduction
   •    Increased productivity, clarity, and focus
   •    Higher levels of team engagement
   •    Enhanced sense of community
   •    Elevated connection and collaboration
   •    Improved holistic well-being
   •    Increased ROI for employers
   •    Retention and competitive branding

"We found that the participants who practiced SKY Breath Meditation experienced the greatest mental health, social connectedness, positive emotions, stress levels, depression, and mindfulness benefits."

- Harvard Business Review - Yale Study

On-demand spa and wellness services allow busy professionals to access and customize wellness services through our technology platform conveniently.

Reward your team, celebrate your colleagues, and create shared experiences to connect virtually.

Get started today by clicking the link below for a quote or demo.

Corporate Wellness Intake & Demo Form

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Corporate Giving Options

Cultivate Shared Experiences

Explore how *wholistic wellness gifts can help your team and colleagues build connections, rejuvante, and restore. 

Spa massage



Delivering Luxe Spa and virtual wellness on-demand - customized, safe & convenient.

Includes: 5 star-vetted spa providers of massage therapy, nail, and facial services.




Delivering virtual *wholistic wellness & mind-body classes on-demand empowering you to live passionately on purpose.

Includes: mindfulness, yoga, wellness coaching, and movement.

* Memberships

* Drop-in Classes

Global wellness



Delivering global wellness on-demand that embodies wellbeing from around the globe.


Includes: Global thought-leaders of mindfulness, yoga, wellness coaching, and movement.

* Memberships

* Drop-in Classes

self-care products, aromatherapy, organic


Delivering the experience of self-care and wellness at home with our natural - organic home and aromatherapy collection.


Includes: organic aromatherapy mists, roll-ons, candles, teas, and journals. *Memberships

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