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Welcome to Our Utopia Global Wellness Blog Posts
Your *wholistic self-care guide to living passionately on purpose,
mind, spirit, & body in relationships.

Posts by Naya Powell (CEO & Founder)
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7 Days to Utopia Living

The Utopia Living philosophy believes you can create harmony in all areas of your life *wholistically: mentally, spiritually, physically, relationally, professionally, and financially. I learned at an early age the benefits of self-care, a positive mental attitude, and having spiritual faith.
This blog, 7 Days of Utopia Living, will explore the various ways in which people can practice self-care and elevate their *wholistic health. The blog will host excerpts from my best-selling book, 30 Days to Utopia Living: Unleash Abundance in your Mind, Spirit, Body, & Relationships, and some tidbits of information that can help you achieve a good level of *wholistic health.

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